Nutrigenomics & Sports Gene Assessment

Our genes are maps which has the keys to the treasures and secrets of our health and wellbeing.

Understanding how the genes work and influence our health and fitness has revolutionized sports and fitness world! Our genetic makeup is the reason which determines why some athletes are more likely to get injured more often than others. Which diet helps us loose weight faster? Which sport is better suited for your child or Which sport he will excel in? Are you more prone for sustaining a ligament injury? Answers to all these important questions lie in our genes which can be known through s simple saliva test!

Nutrigenomics helps us understand the effects of genes on the diets and supplements we consume. A simple saliva tests empowers us to make healthy lifestyle changes, improve our sports performance and get personalized dietary and supplements recommendations that help us get rid of chronic problems which held us back before and excel as champions in our sports and lives.

 Sports Diet & Supplementation Clinic

The food we eat has an impact on our strength, training and performance. What to eat, when to eat, how to eat and how much and how often to eat affects our growth, health, recovery and injury.

Calories produced from metabolising food substrates like carbohydrates, proteins and fats provide energy to do exercise and sports. Adequate intake of water and various essential nutrients are of paramount importance not only to perform better in sports but also to recover faster and prevent injuries sustained due to fatigue.

Some dietary supplements which are promoted to improve exercise and athletic performance, can infact be dangerous and harmful to us! Therefore, proper professional advice and guidance in diet and supplements help athletes and fitness enthusiast train safer better and more effecient.

 Blood Biomarker Assessment

Our body constantly produces clues of injury, inflammation or fatigue that can be measured in the blood or urine which help us understand our bodies like never before. Understanding how to efficiently use stored energy gives us the competitive edge in exercise and sports over others. Identifying specific energy markers in our blood will unlock these secrets to excel in our sports! Not only this, injuries that happen as a result of overuse or overtraining or fatigue, can be prevented by picking up these markers present in our blood. Important clues and pieces of internal data can be accessed through a blood test which provide actionable insights into the sports and exercises we do and guide us to get more out of our training and transform an average athlete into a champion in his sport!

 Athletic Performance & Training Clinic

People involved in sporting activities and in fitness activities need special attention as sports and fitness involve skills which are learned through months of hard training. The mind and body of an athlete is trained based on scientifically proven methods to maximize their fitness and to improve their performance. Our expertise and knowledge of sporting skills together with an accurate assessment of all actions and exercises, will help not only to enhance the performance but also to reduce the risk of injury in them.

Gait analysis, slow motion video analysis of games, measurement of joint angles and body positions using sensors, technique corrections and understanding energy requirements of athletes help to make them faster, stronger, safer and more energy efficient.

Such biomechanical evaluation help provide an extra edge to these athletes to achieve superior results!

 Specialist Second Opinion

Decades of experience has helped us understand that everyone of us need a helping hand or a friendly advice to make certain informed decisions in life especially concerning our health. One often gets confused browsing through millions of health pages over internet and unprofessional advice of family and friends. Therefore we are here to give you expert professional advice regarding the medical condition, the diagnosis, the proposed treatment or any other available alternative treatment and all the relevant information regarding the condition based on the tests, scans and reports which you share with us.

 ACL & Ankle Ligament Injury Clinic

Most common injuries sustained in sports or road traffic accidents or skid and falls are Ankle Ligament Sprains and (ACL) Anterior Crutiate Ligament tears of the knee. ACL ligament reconstruction is one of the most common surgeries performed in these young sporting population and it accounts for loss of play time and huge costs too....

There are exercise programs which are now available which aim at identifying at-risk populations with risk factors where such severe and debilitating injuries are prevented or at least reduced! We recommend all active people involved in fitness training or sports at ll levels to take advantage of the ACL and Ankle Ligament Clinic and visit for a Pre-Participation Evaluation and check up to identify various extrinsic and intrinsic risk factors and correct them before an injury happens!

 Shoulder & Back Clinic

Shoulder pain and back pain are one of the most common symptoms in young people involved in sports and athletes.. They are a constant source of pain hindering performance and forcing athletes to drop out of competitions and tournaments. Various serious and nonserious conditions like tendinitis, rotator cuff tendon tears muscle sprains, Labral tears, impingement syndrome, shoulder dislocations, Lumbar strains, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis and bone fractures can be the underlying cause of such pain and should not be neglected. Months of training loads will alter the shoulder joint and spine mechanics and aggravate the underlying pathology leading to serious complications in these situations.

Our years of expertise will help you with a clear diagnosis, proper rehabilitation plan and latest available treatment methods to get rid of nagging and troublesome pains in shoulder joint and in lower back.

 Stem Cells & PrP Injection Therapy

Latest technological advancements have made it possible to help our body heal itself by activating body's own repair cells. These cells heal all tissues in our body when they are activated following an injury. Sometimes,the healing is slow or poor or stops due to various reasons. In these situations, the sleeping repair cells present in our blood or bone marrow are concentrated many times and activated to restart the healing process!

There are two types of procedures available, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injection and BMAC or bone marrow aspirate concentrate injection. In both these methods healing factors are injected at the site of an injured ligament, muscle or tendon to help start or to help speed-up the healing process. Many problematic conditions like tennis elbow, ankle ligament tears, heel pain, shoulder cuff tendinitis, bursitis, partial ligament tears, meniscus tears and cartilage injuries are are amenable to this form of treatment.

Platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy and other forms of stem cells therapies are promising and safe options of the future as it has the potential to completely avoid painful and costly surgeries.

 Arthroscopic Surgery & Sports Clinic

Sports and injury go hand in hand. These injuries not just incur huge cost but many of the times, they end the sporting careers of these athletes. Proper evaluation and assessment of athletes therefore, is mandatory to avoid injuries and to prolong their sporting career.

We have been treating injuries of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles for more than 2 decades! Sports injuries like ACL ligament tears, meniscus tears, knee ligament injuries shoulder cuff tears, elbow ligament injuries, ankle ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, foot and ankle injuries lower back pain and spine injuries, are all preventable and treatable injuries.

Our expertise of diagnosing, preventing and treating sports injuries with latest treatment techniques not only help the athletes get back to sports but also help them save their joints from the damaging effects of playing sports. Arthroscopic Surgery is the present gold standard of treatment for all types of sports Injuries involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilages, meniscus and joints. We use state of the art arthroscopes and world class arthroscopic instruments to deliver excellence in this field. Our aim is to prevent all injuries possible and help every athlete and sportsperson go back to playing sports again after the treatment and rehabilitation.

 Sports Injury Prevention Clinic

Our philosophy is to prevent injuries and save joints of athletes thereby improving healthy lifestyle in communities without the fear of getting injured or undergoing costly treatments. We believe 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'! Therefore we concentrate on meticulous assessment and evaluation to find out hidden risk factors in athletes and prevent them from causing an injury.

We also look for markers of impending injury, fatigue or inflammation in the blood of the athletes and pick up clues of information to provide actionable insights to prevent injury and improve performance.